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What I've Learned As A Recruiter So Far

Nine Months with P3

I became a Recruiter the beginning of this year and had no idea what world I was going to be stepping into. In the IT space, I have found that there is a lot more to technology and the lingo than I thought! I was not familiar with the daily tasks that a Recruiter does until I came to P3.

Fast forward almost 9 months, I am still learning and enjoying the connections I get to make with new people everyday. That isn’t to say there are not some tough days to recruiting as well. Some days I have to let people know they did not get their dream job, while on the flip side, there are amazing days where I get to let my candidate know they got the offer.

My first offer as a Recruiter I remember my candidate telling me how excited he was to go home and let his wife and son know the good news! The best part of my role is knowing you helped someone land the job they wanted and changed their life!

The struggles in the recruiting world are the same for all Recruiters. It is easy to locate candidates that are looking for their next opportunity and fit the required skillset, but there is a huge catch. There are many other Recruiters that are working to find the same type of candidate for the role. This makes it a matter of timing and how fast you can connect with a candidate and get their resume in front of a client. With the change from COVID to more remote roles, this adds to the struggle for both parties.

The last 9 months I have learned to overcome these challenges/obstacles by forming close connections with my candidates and keeping their best interests in mind. When I receive a role that aligns with what the candidate is looking for, I'm able to connect with them and see if they are interested in the opportunity. Thanks to the pipeline that I've already built, I'm able to quickly make sure my candidate gets the opportunity to be in contention for the role. I have found that it's mutually beneficial to have established relationships with your candidates throughout the duration of their job search and beyond.

I look forward to connecting with more potential candidates as P3 is continuing to grow our market and opportunities.

Connect with Ryan Spaulding on LinkedIn.

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