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A Year Into Management

What I Have Learned Along the Way

Just over 15 months ago, I embarked on a new journey as the Recruiting Manager at Professional Project Partners and Uplift Delivery. This transition marked a significant shift from being a producer to a leader, bringing with it a mix of positive and negative changes.

On the bright side, I have relished the opportunity to exhibit my leadership skills. Guiding and motivating a team towards a common goal, and helping individuals develop their skills, has been incredibly fulfilling. Moreover, the increased responsibility that comes with management has been a welcome change. While my success was previously measured by individual performance, I now find satisfaction in seeing others thrive under my guidance.

Another notable benefit of my new role has been the authority to make crucial decisions that impact the team's success and the organization as a whole. This has given me the opportunity to hone my decision-making skills and exercise greater autonomy in my work.

However, the transition to management has not been without its challenges. Having difficult conversations with team members about their performance or behavior has been a daunting task. Finding the right way to convey constructive feedback while maintaining their motivation and morale has proven to be a delicate balancing act.

In addition, the responsibility for the well-being of my team members has also weighed heavily on me at times. Ensuring that each member feels valued, supported, and happy in their work has been a source of stress, but I have taken this task seriously and have made every effort to support and encourage my team.

In conclusion, this past year has been a period of tremendous growth for me. I am always striving to improve my leadership skills and create a positive work environment where team members feel respected and empowered. Balancing accountability with motivation and support remains a challenge, but I am determined to continue to learn and grow as a manager.

As Uncle Ben famously said to Peter Parker in Spider-Man, "With great power comes great responsibility," and I am committed to embracing this responsibility to the best of my abilities.

Blog written by Professional Project Partners & Uplift Delivery Recruiting Manager Joe Green.

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