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My Internship Experience with P3

Celebrating One Year

P3, Inc Internship

For my last semester at Drake University, I had the honor of interning with P3 as a Technical Sourcing Intern. As a Technical Sourcing Intern, my role was to find local talent that was in the job market and reach out to them to learn how P3 could assist them in making their next career move. This was a great opportunity for me to increase my professional communication skills, as well as set goals for myself each week and work to hit them. Everyone at P3 was always right by my side helping me be more efficient and successful in my role!

When I first started my internship, I had the opportunity to learn about the industry from P3’s Delivery Manager Joe Green. He provided me with quality training, teaching me about the roles P3 works on and how to go about reaching out to individuals. After learning the basics, I performed many mock calls with Joe and Market Director Lindsay Toll. There were a few bumps along the way, but with the help from these experienced individuals in the industry I got a grasp on my role. I was able to start reaching out to individuals and start making calls on my own.

Most of my days consisted of navigating through LinkedIn Recruiter locating local talent in the IT industry and crafting messages to send them. Thanks to Recruiters Corey Lewis and Steven Logsdon, my response rate remained high throughout my internship this semester. Without their help, I don’t know where it would have been! After receiving responses from candidates, I would reach out to these individuals to learn the basics about what their ideal role would look like. After gathering this information, I would set a meeting up with them and one of P3’s talented recruiters to see how they could help.

After placing many phone calls and scheduling dozens of meetings for candidates, I was finally able to see my work come full circle. A candidate that I identified was successfully placed at his dream job. This was my greatest accomplishment throughout my experience at P3! This also taught me a great life lesson that I will keep with me the rest of my life. It showed me that nothing comes immediately, you must put in the time and effort if you want to see results. There were days that I felt down due to not seeing immediate success from what I was doing, but I had to keep myself motivated and believe that the hard work would eventually pay off. I was so happy that it did!

Lastly, I want to say that the people at P3 are great! They made me feel welcome from the day I came in and interviewed and on. It was a great environment to be working in. Everyone wanted to see you succeed and they would do anything they could to help you get where you wanted to be. Even after I depart, I know I can reach out to anyone at P3 and they will be willing to help me. They are a great group of people and I’m taking away a wealth of knowledge. I’m so glad that I had this opportunity and can’t wait to see where P3 is in the future!

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