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The Importance of Onboarding

Four Ways P3 Makes it Smooth

As P3 supports clients continuing to pivot their working models from 100% remote, to hybrid to on-site, we are adjusting the on-boarding process for our consultants right along with them. According to recent research, great employee onboarding can improve retention by 82%. However, more concerning, 88% of organizations don’t onboard well. Here are some of the things P3 does to improve these statistics for our clients:

Same day contact upon accepted offer: As soon as a candidate accepts an offer with a P3 client, our Consultant Care Specialist, Ashley Scott, gets in touch with the candidate to walk through the client’s specific on-boarding process. She lets them know exactly what to expect in terms of any required paperwork, background check, drug screen, etc. Ensuring that expectations are set early eliminates any concern from the candidate and also makes them feel secure, knowing that the process is moving expediently toward their start date.

Schedule an on-boarding session: Ashley will then schedule a virtual or in-person on-boarding session with the candidate – we love to have local candidates come into our office and meet the whole team! During this session Ashley ensures that all logistics of their time with P3 are covered, including:

  • Time tracking procedure

  • Payroll schedule

  • Benefits enrollment process

  • Time off expectations

  • Feedback loop

  • Upcoming P3 events

Ashley also always reaches out before the consultant’s first day to ensure that if remote, they have equipment shipped and know their exact start time and reporting procedure. If starting on-site, she will communicate parking instructions, exact start time and who from P3 will be meeting them in the client lobby.

Make consultants feel welcome: If a consultant comes to the P3 office for an on-boarding session, Ashley is always sure to hand them some P3 Swag! A pen, t-shirt, polo, or notepad can always be sent to a remote consultant before their start date as well. If P3 has another consultant (or 2!) at the client, we will make an effort to get the new consultant in contact with someone already in the swing of things to ensure they can get any “day to day” questions answered ahead of time too.

Establish a feedback loop: P3’s Recruiters will reach out to consultants at the end of their first day, week and month to answer any questions that arise, to make sure the candidate has all the materials needed to be successful, and to make sure they feel comfortable and fulfilled with the work itself. After that, the Recruiters will be in touch with a candidate at least once a month to check in. P3’s Account Executives contact the candidate’s hiring leader on the same cadence to make sure the client is satisfied with performance and to gather feedback so the candidate doesn’t have to guess how they’re performing.

Connect with Lindsay Toll on LinkedIn.

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