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Reflection: My 1st Year As A Technical Recruiter

New Year, New Goals & A Positive Attitude

As I enter the new year, it marks a fresh start. It means setting new goals and coming into the year with a positive attitude. Stepping into my first year as a recruiter, I was scared of how little I knew about the technology space. I had a ton of imposter syndrome having to talk to candidates and stakeholders with very little technical understanding. To build my confidence and feel as though I am a valued partner to the business, I have spent countless hours going to meet ups, building my network, learning how to source, talent mapping technical skills and trying to understand clients’ problems from their perspective to identify the right candidates. I believe these efforts have helped me produce successful outcomes this past year. As I reflect on the ebbs and flows of the recruiting lifecycle, I learned recruiting is not for the weak of heart. Being a recruiter is tough. You are depended on to find, attract, and recruit the right people for clients, while growing and maintaining relationships. It takes nurturing emotions to manage the expectations of many different people involved in the hiring process.

With my time so far as a technical recruiter, I have learned that you get what you give. I had to shift my mentality from a “have to” to a “get to” for me to settle into healthy habits that provided success with hard work and time. Another thing I have learned, is that there will always be different opinions, personalities, and background in an organization, but with effective communication, transparency, and mutual respect, it is easier to grow to enjoy those around me. Being able to learn and grow my technical aptitude, not only shows individual growth, but it allows for the growth of an organization as well.

Overall, I can proudly say that I have met and worked with some incredibly amazing people. From individual mentors coaching and showing me what it really means to be motivated to succeed. I believe nurturing strong relationships goes a long way in professional and personal life. As a year has come and gone, being a technical recruiter for P3 has given me the opportunity to grow and widen my experience under a great team that fosters a workplace full of autonomy and the freedom to learn, all while learning technical jargon, time management, and more about various industries and clients.

Happy recruiting in 2023!

Blog post written by P3 Recruiter, Sabrina Lovan. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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