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P3/Uplift Internships

Learn More About Our New Internship Program!

Uplift Delivery/Professional Project Partners recently hired our first two interns for our new Internship program!


  • Samuel Tucker: Drake Sophomore

  • Eric Baldus: Recent graduate from Simpson College

Uplift Software Craftsman, Bryce Klinker leads Uplift’s Internship program. Bryce, along with Developer Steven Combs hosted a Lunch-and-Learn at Drake University in December and that's where we had the pleasure of meeting Samuel! Eric came to us by applying to our job posting on Handshake, which is a Recruiting Platform that connects university students to jobs and internships.

While we interviewed several students that were all great candidates, Samuel and Eric came out as the two best choices for our team. Both had the right attitude and aptitude for the role!

We are very excited to welcome our first Interns to the Uplift team and know that the arrangement will be mutually beneficial to both the interns and to Uplift as a company. Benefits to Samuel and Eric will include:

  • Rather than just classroom learning they will use their knowledge in a real work environment, helping them to gain confidence and be able to have experience that they will be able to share in future interviews for full-time roles.

  • Uplift does team-based project work so they will learn how to contribute and collaborate in an Agile team setting.

  • This will provide a chance to jump and see what it's really like to be in a Software Development role and determine if this is the right fit for them. IT is a huge field so if it ends up not being software development that is their passion, they may want to change their focus to another area within IT.

  • There will be opportunities to meet co-workers and other people in the industry and add to their professional networks. An added benefit is being able to have someone to provide a positive reference.

  • They will gain real work experience that they will be able to talk through and share in future interviews for full-time roles.

  • Uplift being a smaller company will ensure that our interns will get more hands-on training and real software development experience.

Benefits to Uplift:

  • As we all are aware, when you teach, you learn.

  • Working with the interns will help to develop mentorship and leadership skills in our current employees.

  • Having young college students adds diversity to our team. Both Samuel and Eric have already added fresh energy to our team and we appreciate and value their perspectives.

  • There is personal satisfaction in knowing that you are helping young adults develop skills and confidence.

Connect with Cheyenne Gonzalez on LinkedIn.

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