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Joe Green Promoted to P3 Delivery Manager

Get to know Joe and his new role!

Joe Green and Lindsay Toll

As we prepare for a new year, I’m excited for all of the things the team at P3 is preparing to accomplish and the goals we are going to take on together! Part of accomplishing these growth goals will require additional investment into our internal team, both in terms of hiring new members but also in their training and development. As such, I’m thrilled to have Joe Green stepping into a newly created role as a Delivery Manager at P3.

I sat down to chat with Joe about his experience at P3 so far, what the Delivery Manager role will look like and more little-known facts.

Q&A with P3 Delivery Manager, Joe Green

  • Before working at P3, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve had? Working in sales at a TV and furniture store. Retail is a whole other beast where you learn about how people actually are and they way they treat others too. The hours are crazy - weekends, holidays, late evenings. The old saying “if you haven’t worked in the restaurant/retail industry you haven’t seen the real world” holds true. It was eye opening.

  • What drew you to an opportunity at P3? How has the company changed since you started? A good buddy of mine in the industry told me that P3 might be looking for someone. I had heard of the company before, but didn’t know a lot. After learning more, I was intrigued by the boutique style agency as compared to a corporate environment. As P3 continues to grow in our staffing offerings in addition to our team-based delivery offering at Uplift Delivery, I’m excited about the strategic opportunities have to impact our with clients. We have a very energetic team here, a great combination of senior team members along with less tenured individuals, who are ready to grow and are excited to make strides.

  • How is your role evolving in 2022? What do you hope to accomplish in this position? I’ll be serving as a Delivery Manager—this is a leadership position, giving me an opportunity to enhance our recruiting team as a whole, to reach our goals as an organization focused on growth. My biggest goal in this role is to help others be successful, professionally and personally, so that our Recruiters will see the long-term career opportunity here at P3.

  • What could a new Recruiter expect out of their onboarding and training experience at P3? Why would they want to work here? I’m going to take a hands-on individual approach, utilizing my experience as well as that of other senior team members, to get Recruiters ramped up quickly. This will be a very personalized approach as opposed to having new team members reading out of online modules or some other cookie cutter process. A new Recruiter will have a mentor in me throughout the process. We realize that people learn differently, so when you have someone right next to you, you’re able to answer their individual questions/concerns better than if you’re going it alone. We are able to be flexible on different styles of how a Recruiter might be successful.

  • What do you find to be the most challenging part of working at P3? The challenging part is also makes it great—the fact that we don’t have a national presence, or other offices to leverage can be challenging when trying to recruit resources outside of the area, just because we don’t have as much name recognition yet. As we continue to build our internal team, this also drives us to expand into other markets.

  • Conversely, what do you like the most? P3 offers a personal touch. We are working to create value for both clients and candidates, and we are able to appease both sides better than most public companies—we aren’t here to please shareholders.

  • What does true leadership mean to you? I think it means pulling the best potential out of somebody else. Getting the most out of somebody.

  • How do you balance your career and your family? I struggle every day! 😊 My wife and I have 4 children. I’ve learned to set limits for when I need to turn off at home, but also know when to be available. As I’ve matured, I’ve learned to work more efficiently, to make the hours count, so I’m not skimping on either side.

  • What’s your favorite food or restaurant? Pizza is my favorite food—The OP is a staple, I’m from NE Iowa!

  • What is your go-to TV show to binge watch? The Office or New Girl

  • What is your favorite holiday tradition? At Christmas, my family goes and cuts down a tree together.

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