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Is a Contract Opportunity Right for You?

How Contract Opportunities Can Land You A Permanent Placement

Many candidates may immediately turn away from contract employment opportunities. However, often times contract roles can create a launchpad into a permanent position or a great opportunity to expand project-based experience. Learning the impact of contract work on your career flexibility, qualifications, and income can allow you to choose between temporary or permanent employment. I would like to share benefits on why a contract position can be an advantage for individual’s looking for their next career opportunity.

  1. Conversion to full time work: Contractual employment can expose you to full time job opportunities in a specific industry you would be interested in pursuing permanently. Already knowing your work environment can allow internal staffs a better understanding of your work ethics, performance, and evaluate the quality of your work to determine how your skills contribute positively to the company during the contract period. Since you would be already familiar with the employer’s preferences, you can differentiate your qualifications from other candidates seeking a permanent role, and provide a better chance of converting to a full-time employee. By leveraging your contractual relationship, this will provide a higher chance of receiving a permanent position.

  2. Compensation: Contract placements can often provide an opportunity for a higher pay rate than a full-time salary. In traditional employment, the company often deducts money from paychecks to cover benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. With contract employees, they can typically earn a guaranteed amount of money per hour they work. The more hours you put in will be reflected on your paycheck, and the amount will not be deducted for benefits.

  3. Flexibility: As a contractor you have more control over hours worked and the duties performed. By being able to pursue work that doesn’t restrain you, this will also help supplement your income without commitment required of a full-time role. You are able to work and take off when its most convenient for you. This will allow you to arrange your calendar appropriately, and be provided adequate pay. Lastly, contract work will provide great mobility with shorter time commitment than a permanent employment. This allows for the ability to diversify your work experience more easily with flexibility.

Overall, it is important to acquaint yourself with employment standard and rules. This will ensure you are never taken advantage of when deciding on contract opportunities. On the other hand, for some, contract work could be a good solution to outweigh certain pros and cons needed to be further interested in pursuing a contractual role. With the benefits shared, you can determine if a contract position could be a path forward in advancing your career being provided flexibility, higher compensation, shorter project commitments and the opportunity of converting to be a permanent worker.

Blog post written by P3 Recruiter, Sabrina Lovan. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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