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Interview Tips—2022

Must-haves to Succeed

Having an interview for your next job can be nerve racking! Whether it's for your dream position you have always wanted, or for a job that is going to get you a raise. There are many different interviewing tips that have been around over the years. With the pandemic changing our lives with how interviews and positions are being online and remote, there are new challenges for us. With individuals accustomed to interviewing in person and face-to-face interaction we must be able to adapt to the way they are being conducted now. For individuals who have gotten a custom to the online format, we must be ready for face-to-face interviews as well as we get back to normal interview style. Key Tips: Make sure your resume is updated and add on experience from past roles that you believe would be beneficial for your next roles interviewees to see.

  • It's important when you go into your next interview that you have your most up-to-date resume with you and be able to talk about all of your experience. Before you interview you should do some research on the company and the role to be ready for the questions you think they may ask. With your research on the role, you should think about your past experience that translates to be able to add the relevant experience on your resume.

Phone Interviews/Zoom Interviews: Everyone at this point should be accustomed to the new way of using Zoom and other online formats. Here are some tips if you have yet to interview in this format:

  • When doing a phone interview, make sure you are in a space you can speak without any distractions or background noise. While on the phone make sure to speak clear and thorough as well as trying to smile. It is tough with interviewees not being able to see your actual body language, so try to make it heard through the tone of your voice.

  • While on a Zoom interview make sure you are presentable and in a quiet environment with no distractions for you or the interviewees. With some individuals being new to zoom make sure you are hopping on early for the interview and not last minute to chance any possible difficulties.

  • During your interview make sure to refrain from one-word answers. Being able to speak on past experience and story telling with your answer to a question is what interviewees are looking for. At the end of your interview make sure to always thank the interviewer or interviewees for their time. Also end it with a close for yourself asking “is their any reason why I would not be a fit for this position?” This gives you a chance at clear feedback on if you may get the job and the interviewees feedback on how the interview went.

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