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Increased Consulting Needs Yet to Come in 2023

Trends Are Continuing to Change

In 2021, many companies based in the Midwest bulked up internal corporate Talent Acquisition Teams only to start downsizing them in 2023. The current professional job market is only slightly cooling off and the ability to respond, source and identify top talent continues to be tough. Unknown work environments, in office and hybrid work schedules continue to evolve but are still struggling to keep up with the changes that employees are looking for outside of the work place.

Employers are now more than ever prepared for change. They look for professionals with open minds that have personal and professional values aligning with their business. Employers are taking measures to ensure they have the skills needed to operate the business and complete critical projects. While this type of hiring takes considerable time from approval to onboarding, the ideal route to continue to move work along is consultant hiring and on demand recruiting. Consultant hiring is a great way to bring experience and expertise to the team quickly and on demand recruiting will allow temporary recruiting help dedicated to current needs while internal teams can focus and evolve.

In 2021 and 2022, full-time hiring increased largely due to workers fleeing for remote only or higher paying jobs. It’s proven that companies with non-tenure consultant limits retain high level consultants just as long or longer than full-time employees. Data continues to show Mega Tech companies such as Meta, Google and Apple retain talent on average less than two years and Amazon under one year. Most companies lag these giants in how we work, the way our work environments look, diversity inclusion and equity efforts and of course pay. Even with large layoffs, these companies continue to have huge employee counts so the War for talent against Big Tech is ongoing.

Different than 2021 and 2022, candidates with more skills, inline compensation and openness to align with the company hiring will get these job offers. As more talent comes available and employees have a tough time sifting through active candidates, scheduling interviews data shows consultant hiring will start to pick up.

To learn more about how professional consulting can help your career or if you're interested in Recruitment on Demand, connect with P3's Director of Growth & Development-RPO Services Adam Viet.

Blog written by Professional Project Partners, Inc. Account Manager Tom Petersen.

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