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Advice on Thank You Notes

Four Tips to Perfect the Post Interview Thank You Note

Writing a "Thank You" note after an interview has been a best practice for a while now. So long in fact that a lot of candidates we work with wonder if it's outdated and unnecessary. While I think a handwritten note isn’t the standard anymore, a well written email after an interview to thank the leader for their time and reiterate a few key points is still a valuable tool in the hiring process. Here are some tips to make the most out of a "Thank You" note.

Be specific Aside from just saying how you enjoyed the conversation and appreciate the hiring manager’s time; you should touch on topics that were discussed in the interview. Tell what specifically you liked talking about and what in your background makes you a match for this role. Reiterate why you’re a fit You don’t need to list out your resume again, but you should use this as an opportunity to sell yourself. One or two sentences about your success in a previous role and why it would correlate with your new opportunity can be very helpful. Expand on a question if you feel you didn’t give the best answer the first time Maybe there was a question that you didn’t answer clearly. Use this opportunity to rephrase your answer and clarify what you meant.

Express a genuine desire to get the job Enthusiasm never hurts when writing a thank you note. While a "Thank You" note isn’t a silver bullet and can’t turn around an opportunity that might not be a fit, it can give you an opportunity to show your appreciation, and communication skills. Hiring managers want to bring on people who actually want the job and a well written "Thank You" note can be just the thing to help close the deal.

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